Camping Equipment List / Camping Gear Checklist:

Make your camping equipment list and check it twice! Be sure to bring all of the necessary camping gear and equipment to ensure an enjoyable and memorable outdoor experience. Not sure what gear or equipment to bring on your outdoor adventure? Print and utilize the camping equipment checklist that we have created for our customers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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One thing to keep in mind is: Do not over-pack supplies for your camping trip! Unless you have a Suburban and all the room in the world, you will want to consider bringing as little as possible. Determining what camping equipment to bring will depend on the type of camping you are doing. Also, try not to duplicate items others may bring. Realize that you're going camping and not relocating your home! You do not want to take everything including the kitchen sink! (see picture below :^) Coordinate and consolidate your camping gear accordingly to ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Camping Equipment and The Proverbial Kitchen Sink

We have compiled a list of camping equipment that we feel is necessary to bring on your trip. This supply checklist has been created by utilizing our 25+ years of camping experience.

Camping Equipment Checklist

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Standard Camping Equipment

____ Tent - Spring / Summer Camping: Standard Tent
____ Tent - Fall / Winter Camping: 3 or 4 Season Tent
____ Screen House or Sun Shelter
____ Camping Table
____ Folding Chair(s)
____ Cooler
____ Sleeping Bag
____ Air Mattress or Camping Mat
____ Blanket
____ Pillow
____ Lantern / Flashlight (extra mantles for lanterns and bulbs for flashlights)


____ Camping Axe / Standard Axe / Maul / Sledgehammer & Splitting Wedge (depending on your specific needs)
____ Handsaw
____ Multi Purpose Screwdriver or Multi-tool
____ Pocket Knife
____ Hammer
____ Nails
____ Rope & Twine (Good for make-shift clotheslines) *Avoid the cheap yellow poly rope, it will not hold a knot.

Cooking Equipment

____ Small Propane or Charcoal BBQ
____ Propane or Liquid Gas Stove / Cooking Grill / Grate (for campfire cooking)
____ Propane Cylinders, Liquid Gas or Charcoal
____ Pots & Pans
____ Utensils
____ Can Opener
____ Coffee Pot
____ Cutting Board
____ Kitchen Knife

Food & Water

____ Condiments: BBQ Sauce / Ketchup / Mustard / Mayo
____ Butter
____ Cooking Oil
____ Cereal
____ Bread
____ Packaged Bagels
____ Packaged Cold Cuts / Cheese
____ Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish or Dehydrated Foods
____ Eggs (use a plastic egg container for real eggs or bring powdered eggs)
____ Bacon
____ Sausage
____ Pancake Mix
____ Canned Goods
____ Fruit
____ Water - 1 gallon of water per person, per day (*2 gallons per day in hot climates)
____ Milk (in plastic container)
____ Soda / Juice / Other Drinks
____ Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate
____ Chips / Pretzels / Popcorn
____ Snack Bars / Dried Fruit
____ Granola Bars

Personal Hygeine / Toiletries

____ Toilet Paper
____ Napkins
____ Paper Towels
____ Biodegradable Camping Soap (can be used for washing pots, pans, dishes, hair and body)
____ Sponge
____ Toothbrush & Toothpaste
____ Collapsible Water Bucket
____ Collapsible Water Carrier
____ Feminine Products

Clothing / Shoes / Linen

____ Jeans
____ Shorts
____ Shirts
____ Bathing Suit
____ Sweatpants
____ Socks
____ Underwear
____ Sandles
____ Sneakers
____ Boots
____ Hand Towel
____ Bathing Towel
____ Sheet (useful for using inside of sleeping bag to reduce moisture)

Misc Supplies

____ Emergency Rain Poncho
____ Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
____ Can Opener / Bottle Opener / Cork Screw
____ Paper Plates / Cups or Washable Plates & Cups
____ Tablecloth / Clips
____ Camera / Film
____ Batteries
____ Tarp(s) (good for placing under tents to reduce moisture and for make-shift shelters)
____ Sunscreen
____ Bug Spray
____ Lighter / Waterproof Matches
____ Newspaper
____ Extra Tent Stakes (cheap plastic stakes work well)
____ "Ziploc" bags (handy to keep small electronics dry and for storing meat or chicken away from the rest of your food in the cooler)
____ Garbage Bags (*many natural camping areas require that you take ALL of your garbage with you! Carry In - Carry Out!)

List additional or personal items you may want or need to bring:

____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________
____    ______________________________

Camping Tips and Tricks:

  (1) *We suggest that you use a re-sealable container (Rubbermaid or Sterlite type) for storing food and cooking utensils to avoid having your food spoiled by ants or animals. You may want to consider storing your container in a separate tent or vehicle to keep away any "unwanted guests".

  (2) Block ice works best for extended cooling. It usually lasts for 2-3 days in a standard cooler, 4-5 days in an extreme 5 day cooler. Split the block in half and put a block on each side of the cooler. Add your food and drinks, then fill in the remaining spaces with cubed ice. Keep your cooler in the shade if possible.

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